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Don’t just rely on phone calls! Use Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and Video Conferencing too. All this from a single client so no switching between apps. Choose from web, desktop and mobile clients or easily connect a supported IP Phone. Ready to make the change? Here are some reasons you should:

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Cuts Your Telecom Expenses:

No per user per month fee. One low yearly cost based on system size.  Save up to 80% on your telecom costs by using your existing internet connection to make crystal clear calls.

One Unified System Offers More Simplicity and Efficiency

No need to purchase any add ons for web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging, Facebook messaging and WhatsApp integration- all is INCLUDED in the annual cost.

Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

Use your office number to take calls on your smartphone. iOS/Android apps keep team connected via calls, video conference & chats. Never miss a call even when you're away from your desk.

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Easy to use Apps

3CX provides a complete centralized communication system, using an open IP PBX Standard. It serves all the needs, spanning from versatility and rank to advanced customer support features and much more, ideal for any company or organization.


Use office extensions on iOS & Android apps for remote work. Empower your team. Keep in touch via video, chat & phone.App-free web conferencing. Meet with clients face-to-face.

How it works
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To schedule a Virtual 3cx product demo or to speak with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details below:

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Tel: (656) 347-2948

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